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The Persian word taushaKhana means "storehouse of wealth" or "treasure house." TaushaKhana refers to the gifts that Pakistani government leaders have received from a variety of domestic and international organizations.

Government employees in Pakistan are required by law to disclose any gifts they receive while serving in office. Officials have occasionally failed to do this, which has given rise to charges of corruption and unethical behavior.

TaushaKhana.com offers a thorough record of all presents received by Pakistani officials, along with the recipient's name, the gift's source, the date it was received, and an estimated gift value. Our data is gathered from publicly accessible sources, such as official statements, news articles, and other pertinent documents.

Our goal is to increase openness and accountability in the Pakistani government by making information regarding gifts given to officials readily available to the public. By exposing these behaviors, we hope to promote moral conduct among public servants and boost public confidence in governmental institutions.

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